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Luxury Repriced

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Our Mission

“To inspire creativity and be a helping hand in creating your beautiful memories

Sounds simple? Well we love glamorous weddings and events, but we know it’s already a tremendous amount of work to put together. So when it comes to working with wedding planners, local venues, independent decorators, and all our clients — we keep it simple. 

Challenges in Canada

With our toes in Canada’s wedding and events industry for several years, we noticed how difficult it is to find affordable and high-quality products that will reliably be ready for the next scheduled event, even in Vancouver or Toronto!

With so little options in Canada, many decorators and planners are forced to resort to Alibaba to order cheap products months or even a year ahead of their events. However, there is never any assurance on product quality, timely delivery, affordable shipping, or customer service.  

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Our EL Solution

EL Supplies Canada was founded in 2019 to bring affordable, high-quality, easy-assemble wedding and events supplies that are accessible when you need it. 

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Quality Assurance

We maintain a very transparent and close relationship with our manufacturer. With almost daily communication, we assure that all products being produced and shipped are undergoing quality assurance procedures and packaging is protective to each unique product being delivered.

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Timely & Affordable

We take care of the shipping so you don’t have to. We go through a rigorous checklist to ensure all product parts are packaged and delivered by each shipment deadline. We hold each new release’s products in our Mississauga, ON location. We offer free shipping in the Toronto region and affordable and quick shipping across Canada. 

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Personalized Service

We work with wedding planners, decorators, event venues, stylists, and event rental services. Whether it’s a unique theme, different colour, material request, or mass order, we’re here to help you through it. Our design experts will work with you to try to find or create the piece you are looking for

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